Is Tahjeezy a one hit wonder?

Kyle Mells, Writer

From musicallys to acapellas Tahj Chislom does not shy away from his musical talents. It all started when he created his soundcloud, naming himself Tahjeezy.

Early in his soundcloud career he made some bops, “like igloo australia”, “Hot Freestyle Yeet”, and “Another freestyle i dont need to write.” Although they were not as hot as his breakout song “a thousand miles” ft. C-drizzle, they are still platinum-worthy records.

Tahj’s breakout song features one of Grafton’s finest, Chase Green. The song has 762 listens on soundcloud. Some notable lyrics from the song include: “ hey girl how you doing like a shoe store you be shoeing” and “one plus one equals three ya i know i’m mathematic” ( Just by listening to his lyrics it is easy to see he has lots of potential as a lyrical rapper.

After his most recent song was released a year ago he has been dying off in the soundcloud arena.

Will he release any more singles?

Is he working on a surprise album?

Is he doing the Frank Ocean?

We will just have to wait and see what this one hit wonder has up his sleeve.

Link to the song: