Artist Spotlight: Sarah Blanton

Sarah Blanton's love of art and her commitment to creating it shines through in the beauty of her work.

Samantha Wanderer, Arts Editor

Art has always been an important part of Sarah Blanton’s life. Mainly interested in art just as a hobby now, Sarah, a senior at Grafton High School, works daily to improve her skills.

“I’ve been creating art for as long as I can remember,” Sarah commented, “I was brtumblr_oeydjfqjrb1szn7tgo2_250iefly interested in pursuing art professionally, and during that time I challenged myself to produce as much “bad” art as I could for the sake of practice. I started painting 2 or 3 times a week, mainly with watercolors because of their portability…it’s become more of a cathartic hobby for me.” Her plan for her career path has shifted away from art and she now hopes to major in international relations.

Although Sarah is unsure about what college she wants to attend to pursue her major, she is certainly prepared for the rigor of higher learning as she participates in an array of clubs and activities on top of her other school work and creating art: “I’m a member of the National Honor Society, French honor society, Model UN, Philosophy club, lit lovers club, and captain/co-coach of the debate team,” she explains.

Despite all she is involved in, Sarah admitted to spending much of her free time on her art: “I work every school day, sometimes reworking a single piece three or four times or producing multiple sketches for every piece. On the weekends it’s all very spontaneous, but I try not to work on the same piece for too long in one sitting in case I lose my vision for it.”

Sarah’s vision for her art is a complex one that stems from some of the greatest artists of their time; “I love Tove Jansson’s illustrations and paintings, Eduoard Manet’s balance of laying and impasto, John Singer Sargent’s sure brushstrokes, the simplicity and charm of Henri Matisse, and numerous modern illustrators.”

I started painting 2 or 3 times a week, mainly with watercolors because of their portability…it’s become more of a cathartic hobby for me”

— Sarah Blanton

Water color of a bridge.

Water color of a bridge.

Her art seems to reflect each of her favorite artists and she dabbles in an array of mediums and forms in the expression of her creativity. “Watercolors are easiest for me, but I love the challenge of oils,” she reflected, “I love loose artwork with bold brushstrokes and crisp compositions.” 


Sketch of a forest.

Sarah’s love of art seems to transcend merely a love of creating, and her language when describing other artists also seems to be implicative of an interest in the technical inner-workings of all art. She is admired by her peers for her talent and her accomplishments in school seem to indicate a bright future for Sarah both within and outside the scope of art.