Art at Heart: Claudia Hasenfang

Claudia Hasenfang exemplifies the life of a busy, modern teenage artist.


Claudia Hasenfang

Claudia's drawing of an African American girl.

Samantha Wanderer, Arts Editor

Claudia Hasenfang, junior at Grafton High School, is unique in that she is an avid artist, jock, and leader in her community. She does much more than just art, and her talent in multiple fields is what makes her special in an

Claudia's drawing of her baby cousin, Makenna.
Drawing of her baby cousin, Makenna.

environment that tends to encourage young minds on just one talent to pursue heavily.

“I was creative when I was younger,” Claudia remembers, “and my mom had me do a lot of crafts.” If not for the praise she received early on in elementary school, though, her career may have ended there.

She went on to do art on her own- she has been mainly self-taught and has only ever taken Art 1 as an art class. “I plan to take AP Art as a senior next year, though.”

The majority of her art inspirations come from Instagram. “I look up to T.S. Abe (@ts_abe). She does all pencil,” Claudia explained.

Claudia tends to create art in a similar style to her social media inspiration. “I generally use pencils and sketching and faces are my favorite things to draw.” She also just started painting and is beginning to explore that mediums as well.

Claudia's drawing of Jim Halpert from "The Office".
Sketch of Jim Halpert from “The Office”.

When asked how long it takes her generally to sketch a face, Claudia said, “Sketches take thirty minutes, but it really just depends.”

Despite all the time Claudia puts into her art, she somehow still has time to play and be a leader in varsity lacrosse, be the vice president of fundraising for the Special Olympics Club, and participate in the National French Honor Society.

With the time management that comes from balancing her array of activities along with taking several challenging courses in school and AP classes, there’s no doubt that she’ll be able to succeed in whatever path she may choose. And she already has a plan of what she may want to do. “I want to be a graphic designer and pursue an art career path,” she explains.

Her art and ability speak volumes for themselves, but her skills outside of art are what really add up to make Claudia special.