Grafton Field Hockey Fanatics

Grafton Field Hockey Fanatics

Mackenzie Peeke, Sports Editor 2017-2018

Through thick and thin, the Grafton girl’s field hockey team has shown that no matter the obstacle, they will prevail. With a 13-3, 9-0 for bay rivers, season it’s hard to argue the success and accomplishments this team has rightfully earned.

With a killer year so far it isn’t hard to notice the team unity and effectiveness on and off the field. As Meghan Malone, a sophomore powerhouse of the team stated, “The best thing about my team is the fact that we’re always there to pick each other up.”

When asked about what she has learned from her experiences with the group Meghan went further to say that, “when we all work together as a team… we can be unstoppable.” It seems as though she is not the only player on her team with the utmost confidence in the team’s abilities.

After interviewing Grace Hoepfner, a junior on the team, she reflected on the group’s greatest achievement at the time, beating Tabb. The game in her words was an awakening for the them, they worked together and became a unit.

While talking to Kyle Mells, an avid team supporter who attends most of their games, he stated that whenever he watches the Grafton team play he feels as though he is a part of the team. Going further to state that he “Just wants to go out there and put [his] skirt on.”

Currently this tremendous group of girls just played in their regional semi finals, winning 2-1, against Eastern view. Now they will be heading to their state game next week. Grafton has high hopes and aspirations for this team.