Frozen 2 Reviews (SPOILER ALERT)


Jennifer Daknis, Author

    On November 22nd, many people were excited to go out with their friends and family to see Frozen 2. This movie was based off of Elsa, the oldest sister, being unsettled after hearing a mysterious voice call out to her. Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf decided to travel to the enchanted forest to find out what was calling Elsa.  Her adventure had led to a journey of self-discovery. Many Students were very happy to hear that Frozen 2 was finally coming out.

    There were many different characters to choose from to make them your favorite. Junior Emma Hodges said, “My favorite part of the movie is when Olaf is looking for Anna and Elsa and he is like, ‘Samantha?! I don’t even know a Samantha!’ I find that part is so funny and so cute!…My least favorite part of the movie is when Elsa pushed Anna and Olaf alone because it was as if she was leaving them all alone,” said Hodges.

Most people would say that Olaf is their favorite character but sophomore Anthony Laure  had a different opinion, “My favorite characters are Elsa and Anna because their bond is inseparable and it’s amazing how close they are,” Laure said. Students who saw this movie enjoyed Frozen 2 and recommended others  to see the movie as well. Some students think Frozen 2 is an adorable movie while others may just think it’s a silly kids movie.

People went with their family, friends, or significant others. “I went with my mom and two friends to see Frozen 2. We decided to go because we saw the first Frozen and wanted to compare which one is better,” said Freshman Sydney Leppa.

There were so many theaters you could go see the movie, but Senior Alison Bender says, I saw the movie at AMC because I enjoy seeing movies at that theater and the seats are more comfortable than others!”

Frozen 2 was a movie that any age could go and see! Most students seemed really excited to talk about Frozen 2.