Jobs and Volunteering Opportunities for Students


Kayla Fields, Author

Some of the most popular pastimes among high school students are working and volunteering. Students that spend their time getting extra volunteer hours to exceed the requirements for the advanced diploma and Honors program are determined to go above and beyond. Likewise, many students work at a temporary job to save up their money for college. There are many options for students to choose from when they search for jobs and places to volunteer. Most students choose places to work and volunteer where they can learn about what they are interested in for their future career.

Freshman Sydney Leppa volunteered at the Riverside hospital last summer. “At Riverside, I helped with whatever the nurses needed from filling glove boxes to changing bed sheets” said Leppa. She continued, “I am interested in the medical field so I really enjoy volunteering at Riverside.” Leppa is also a referee for youth soccer. “I will be reffing ten year olds to keep the game fair, fun, and safe.” Leppa plays soccer for multiple leagues and teams and she plans to continue doing that throughout high school.

Another student, freshman Caroline Morris, has been volunteering at many places since middle school. Morris is determined to get as many volunteer hours as she can to ensure she gets into a good college. “I volunteer mostly so I can get an idea of what I want to do when I get out of college and I enjoy helping out the community” Morris said. This summer, Morris is planning on becoming a life guard because she has a passion for swimming.

Some students work at Food Lion, Subway, and shops at the mall because they teach simple skills that could probably be used anywhere. Most students start working when they are able to drive, but there are many jobs that are available to younger students, also. Some places, such as Starbucks, provide health coverage and paid time off. Likewise, places like food lion give employees discounts for some products. And, some students recommend volunteering at the Virginia Living Museum, the YMCA, and the Tabb library.

Senior Kayla Cartwright works at Persnickety Crane Café during her free time. “I work as a barista and café specialist so I can practice interacting with people for my future job” said Cartwright. Cartwright started working at Persnickety Crane Café in August and she loves how calming the inside is and the customers are very nice.

There are many options for jobs and volunteering in our area for students. From actual interests to simple jobs to build skills, students enjoy spending their free time productively. Riverside, Museums, and the YMCA are just a few of the options for volunteering and retail is a popular choice among students for a temporary job.