How to Buy Yearbooks and Recognition Ads



Jostens Website

Natalee Carden, Author

Yearbooks are a great way to look back on many great memories. Each year, you can see yourself transition into a new person. Yearbooks are also very easy to purchase either online or by filling out an order form, which you can find in the main office.

Starting in September, you can pre-order a yearbook using Yearbooks start at $75, but there are many ways to customize your yearbook on the Jostens website. You can put stickers on it, your name, the year you graduate, etc. Starting at $94, you can also purchase a yearbook and a signature package which includes a yearbook, a customizable cover, a color autograph section, and five multicolored signing markers.

Another big part of yearbooks are the recognition ads. Recognition ads are useful for both families and businesses. Businesses buy ads to advertise and attract customers, while families buy ads to commemorate their children as they leave for college.

To buy an ad, you could either fill out a yearbook ad order form, which you can get from any yearbook student or Mrs. Ayres, or you could order one online using Ads are available for purchase in four different sizes, a full page for $375, 1/2 page for $225, 1/4 page for $150, and 1/8 page for $80. There is also a payment plan, which is available for orders of $30 or more. You can design your ad on the website above or on the ReplayIt app, which is available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

By purchasing an ad, you are not only making a mark in the yearbook, but you are helping to support the yearbook and keeping it affordable. All ads are available for purchase until February 13, 2020; however, yearbooks are available for purchase all throughout the school year. If you have and questions or concerns, contact (800)-358-0800.