Indoor Track


Getting ready to take off running, sophomore Lorenzzo Camobreco just received the baton

The indoor track has so many different options so if you don’t necessarily like running then you can still have a great time in indoor track. ” Track is a community of a different variety of events,”  sophomore Logan Carson said.

There are three coaches, Coach Nichols, Coach Hawk, and Coach Valenti. The sprint and jump coach is Coach Steven Nichols. The distance coach is Coach  Nicholas Valenti. The throw coach is Coach Hawk. The options for events are high jump, long jump, sprints, long-distance, and throwing.

Joining a sport, you can meet so many people. ” I would join the track team to meet new people and to talk to the ones I know,” freshman Kiara Bomboy said. Especially in indoor track, you have so many opportunities to catch up with your teammates because you have long runs, bus rides, and can hang out at the meets that last all day. “Having meets all day can lead to you to become best friends with your teammates,” senior William Young said.

Competing in track is one of the main things you do. You compete with your teammates, other teams, and even with yourself mentally and physically. “My favorite part of track is that I can compete with my teammates and still be good friends after the race,” freshman Gary Amole said.

Track is already physically challenging but also it takes a lot of mental attitude. “The four keys to success in track are positive attitude, good work ethic, self-motivation, and student mentality,” junior Ahyoka Stephens said.

In track, you have a week of condition then that Thursday and Friday you try out for the team. The coaches will post who made it on that following Monday. “The thing I like about tryouts is that if your good at sprints but not long distance then you will make the team for sprinters. Also, the coaches don’t just look at one event, they look at all of them,” freshman Madi Nichols said.