Fashion Club


Alex Ayres, Author

There are many clubs and sports at Grafton High School that people don’t know about. One of these is the Fashion Club which is sponsored by Mrs. Carter, the french teacher. Fashion Club is a small club that meets every other Tuesday in room 114. In Fashion Club, you could participate in a variety of different activities including painting, creating bags, making stockings, tie-dyeing, and creating designs.

“I agreed to be the sponsor of fashion club because I love fashion and I love to sew and I’ve worked in the costume industry. I know how important it is to get some experience and learn more about the profession” said Mrs. Carter, the fashion club sponsor. In November, the fashion club had a “Painting Party” where they painted many different fabric-based items. Some students painted clothing items they brought from home while others painted scrap pieces of fabric. Some designs included roses and stars.

“The reason why I joined fashion club is to show my creativity. It’s art based… I’m the type of person who likes to build things” said Janett Maise, Freshmen. On the seventeenth of December, the fashion club made Winter Holiday Stockings. The students designed blank stockings with vibrantly colored paints and hot glue. They also made bags that same month. Some people made jewelry bags, while others made drawstring pouches.

“So, as of right now what I like about fashion club is that it’s in it’s beginning stages. I think it’s a great opportunity to mold it into something bigger and something greater and I like it because we’re building something that future people can look back at and be like ‘Oh that’s great’ also, like the fact that it’s taken every individuals talents and just there creativity and we get it all into one thing to create things we wear in our daily lives and I think that I like fashion just the way it goes.” Replied Zahriah Sellers, Junior. In January, the fashion club tie-dyed and bleached fabric.  The fashion club also designed outfits and garments. While designing sounds like something that would be in an art club, it is also a large part of creating the outfits.