Welcoming New Teachers


Bianca Jimenez

For the 2019-2020 school year, Grafton’s new teachers were ship shape! As many teachers were returning, many new teachers were ready for an exciting year. All of the teachers interviewed had compelling reasons for choosing Grafton High School as their second home.

In her first year at Grafton, ninth grade English teacher, Mrs. Durant said that she, “… [enjoyed] the positive and joyful spirit of students, and the respectful environment of Grafton High School.” As a teacher, Mrs. Durant fancies the “AHA” moment when students finally understand a concept that they had been struggling with. In her free time, she takes joy in being active and playing with her dog while walking trails and being outdoors. When asked what was preferred, note taking or a hands-on activities, she said that there is a time and place for both, but she usually gives a fair balance of either option. One thing that she wished her students would take away from her class is that, “They can be comfortable with not knowing the right answer and trying to figure it out. In my classes I ask difficult questions, just trying to get students to think and brain storm. I never want students to be scared to answer and be wrong.” Lastly, her advice to new students was to never be afraid to ask questions, because everyone makes mistakes, including adults.

During her first weeks at Grafton, Mrs. Shipp was welcomed to the positive clipper atmosphere. As a child, Mrs. Shipp grew up with a teacher, her mother, who she said inspired her the most to become a teacher. Mrs. Shipp chose to teach teenagers because she was interested in  watching them grow and bloom into young adults. As an English teacher, she liked to prepare students with the basic skills of reading and writing. To do so, she preferred, ” Taking notes in little bits at a time and going over notes daily to help you retain the information better.” When asked what advice she would give the rising students, she stated, “… students should come prepared to us critical thinking and working in groups because they are very important for after high school and college.” Finally, Mrs. Shipp loved the subject she taught and her new found job at Grafton High School.

Transferring from Tabb to Grafton, Mrs. McBride has had an exciting first month of school.  Throughout her time at Tabb, Mrs. McBride has always loved everything about science; biology in particular. Mrs. McBride stated that she, “…was encouraged to start teaching when my friend’s father asked me about teaching. I looked into it and learned to love it.” Mrs. McBride liked the idea of studying using study guides, vocab sheets, and previous labs that were done in class. She preferred these ways because they allow students to use all of their resources and always encourages active learning at home. Lastly, Mrs. McBride wants her students to have an understanding to enhance the quality of the “human experience”, hoping that it would bring them joy later on in life.

Grafton is a great place to be, here’s hoping that these teachers have a very enjoyable school year.