Clubs and Sports To Get Involved In


Grafton High School

Kayla Fields, Author

There are over 30 clubs and many sports to join at Grafton High School. A lot of students enjoy extra curricular activities such as the Special Olympics club, band, and soccer.

One student, Kylie Calafiore, enjoys the gardening club and the Special Olympics club. “My favorite thing about Gardening Club is how we get to have our own individuality and how we are beautifying Grafton High School.” Kylie is also in seven other clubs and she recommends the Special Olympics club to new students because you do a lot of fun events and you can make a lot of friends.

Another student, Sydney Leppa, is involved in a club and a sport. She plays the Mellophone in the band and she also does travel soccer and soccer at Grafton High School. She joined band because she has played piano for seven years prior to middle school. Sydney enjoys playing in band and she wishes the marching band season was longer. Playing soccer and being in the band crowds her schedule, but she likes staying busy. Also, Christina Chan and Rachel Oshee both play sports at Grafton High school. Christina plays field hockey and Rachel plays volleyball, and both of them enjoy being apart of the team and staying active. They recommend playing sports because it’s a fun experience for high school.

Color Guard is another popular choice among students that are interested in dancing. Students participating in this club perform along with the band during the halftime shows at home football games. The Color Guard practices begin in the summer at the same time as the band practices,  and the locations differ every year.

Many students recommended joining the Special Olympics club because it’s fun and for a good cause. In the Special Olympics club, you do events like the polar plunge to raise money for the Special Olympics. Another club, gardening club, is a great choice if you are interested in nature and planting. Usually, these clubs meet up once every few weeks. And, activities like soccer, volleyball, and field hockey are some of the many choices of sports at Grafton High school.