Farewell from the 2018-2019 Editorial staff


Sadly, the 2018-2019 school year is drawing to a close, and with that, it is time for our editors to say their farewells as they go off onto college, or in Julie’s case, come back again next year.

Gage Mazaika:

Well, it has been a crazy and exciting two years to say the least. I wasn’t planning on joining yearbook back in 10th grade but I am so happy that Mr. McQuillan convinced me to. I am so happy that he gave me the opportunity to start the broadcast last year, and thankful to Ms. Ayres for letting me continue it this year. I was so thrilled to learn that I would be one of the Co-Editor’s-In-Chief along with Sophie, and was thrilled when I found out who all the other editors are, as they are all super talented and wonderful individuals. I will miss being in class with all of you, and know that you will all go on to do great things. I am sure that the newspaper will flourish next year, and hope that the broadcast does as well. Thanks for the chance you have given me guys, its been one crazy fun ride.

-Gage Mazaika, Newspaper Co-Editor-In-Chief 2018-2019

Sophie Scheeren:

These past two years have been very enlightening to say the least. I did not have a major role with the newspaper my first year of yearbook, but I am very glad that Mr. McQuillan gave Gage and I the responsibility of co-editing the newspaper together. There was some struggles, but we managed to create interesting content for the student body to read. I am very thankful to have had Gage as my co-editor because without him, all of my technology-related questions would go unanswered. A huge thank you to Ellie, Allison, and Julie AKA the best editors in the world. Without them, I definitely would have gone insane from the work load. But the biggest thank you goes to Mrs. Ayres. Going into this year, I had no idea how the yearbook and newspaper publication would go, but Mrs. Ayres tackled it head on and led the class well. I am very thankful for words of wisdom and for being someone who understands my specificity with editing. Despite popular belief, I know the newspaper and broadcast will continue on, and be just as successful as it is now. Thank you everyone for letting me express myself through writing and for letting be my crazy self. Good luck to everyone, don’t have too much fun without me!

-Sophie Scheeren, Newspaper Co-Editor-in-Chief 2018-2019

Julie Stonier:

Being apart of the yearbook staff these past two years have been my favorite part of my high school experience. This year was full of stress and an insane amount of chaos, but I would not have it any other way. I am so very thankful for all my amazing classmates, but I’m the most grateful for my editors. Gage, you rock. I know I always gave you attitude, ran away from broadcast, but I hope you know I appreciate you. Ellie, Sophie, and Allison, I could go on forever about how wonderful each of you are. I wish you guys never had to leave. Last, but not least, Mrs. Ayres. Oh, how much I love you. Taking over as advisor is not easy task, but somehow you did it and I cannot wait for these last two years. Thank you to everyone who made this year so great, and making me feel like I was home. I am so excited to see what is in store for the yearbook and newspaper.

Julie Stonier, Student Life Editor/Yearbook Editor, 2018-2019

Ellie Powell:

Of all my four years working with the Voyage, this was by far the craziest. The staff experienced so much change this year with new leadership and stricter deadlines, but each and every team member powered past obstacles like a champ. I can’t even begin to explain how impressed and thankful I am for the Yearbook team this year. You all made one of Grafton’s cleanest publications and I am unbelievably proud of you for that. The same goes for my four brilliant editors. Sophie and Gage, you two are more amazing and reliable than I could put into words. You took charge of the newspaper and still managed to lend a hand with the yearbook! That’s incredible, and I’m so glad I had you both on the team. Julie and Allison, you’re the greatest yearbook editors I’ve ever worked with and you carried the entire publication on your shoulders! I’m so grateful for all of you not only for the hard work you put in this year, but for being some of my best friends too. Last but not least, Mrs. Ayres. Losing our last adviser was pretty terrifying, but finding out you were taking over was the best news imaginable. Thank you for keeping me sane!

I’m certain that with the promising staff we had this year, the Voyage is set to do great things.

– Ellie Powell, Editor-in-Chief of the Voyage

Allison Kenney was not here to write something so here is what Allen Flemming had to say about her:

Who is she? -Allen Flemming

Mrs. Ayres said: She is always positive and willing to take on new tasks, she is a great leader.

-Allison Kenney, Sports Editor of the Voyage, 2018-2019




So fairwell from the editorial staff of 2018-2019, good luck next year.