Mr. Wilson Moving to Wisconsin


Candid Color

Mr. Joshua Wilson

Ahyoka Stephens, Staff

This year will conclude Mr. Joshua Wilson’s 8th year career at Grafton. Wilson, who currently teaches AP European History and World History II has decided to move his family halfway across the country to Wisconsin. As expected, students are devastated to hear of his departure, but Mr. Wilson is ecstatic to start a new chapter of his life.

Mr. Wilson has been a part of the Clipper community for 8 years, having taught various social studies courses. But, after the birth of his daughter, Wilson decided that it would be best to move somewhere where his daughter can grow up close to relatives. His wife has lots of family in Wisconsin, so Wilson decided that they would move there over the summer.

Mr. Wilson will still teach once in Wisconsin. He will be starting an AP Art History and AP European History program at his new school while simultaneously teaching a course on genocide and the Holocaust for a semester. Wilson, who had played football during his high school career, was also offered a coaching job for the school’s football team. However, declined, wanting to focus more on his courses while still having time for family. Nonetheless, Mr. Wilson is excited to begin teaching at his new school and already has plans for how he wants his programs to work.

And although Mr. Wilson is ready to start new, he will miss being a Grafton Clipper. After teaching at Grafton for so long, he has definitely had an impact on the school. Current and past students were shocked to hear that he will be leaving this summer, but support his decision nonetheless. Mr. Wilson still encourages students to reach out to him if ever they need anything, be it advice or a letter of recommendation, through his new school email. Yet, Grafton will surely feel the impact of his absence in the year to come.