Avatar 2???


Dale Neuringer

A shot from the first Avatar showing Neytiri(played by Zoe Saldana) in action.

Sarah Goble, Staff

Yes, you heard right. Avatar will be getting a sequel. Sure it took producers only 12 years to release it, but it’s still a sequel non the less. Initial release date according to multiple sites is set for sometime in December of 2021. It’s very likely that with the long awaited delay already for the movie, that it might even be pushes back another year.

Seeing that this is one of, if not the top, Box Office movies to make a budget of 2.7 billion dollars, it will likely make even more with fans all over the world waiting for the release of the sequel. This movie is THE top dog in the filming industry, and is yet to be beaten by other popular films like Avengers;Endgame and more.

One of the most talked about topics when it comes to this movie is how ahead of it’s time it was at it’s release. For a film like this to be made in the early 2000″s, with these types of animations is often referred to as astounding for it’s time. Recently, more movies seem to be going for an entirely animated approach similar to films like The Lion King, Aladdin, Beauty and the Beast, and more. Now, it would be considered common for a movie to be made of consistent CGI and other animations.

With the success from the first Avatar film, producers are going to likely want to take their time producing this film in hoping the fans will love it as much as the loved the first. There is also said to be an addition of THREE other Avatar movies! It’s still unconfirmed whether or not all three will be produced, but fans around the world are crossing their fingers.

With the hope that the three other Avatar films will be released, it is likely the series will take an entire new spin with the way technology and film making is progressing as it is. What is likely to be expected is the changes in animation since the first movie released in 2009, but that’t to be expected. Fans just hope the animations don’t change too much from the original film.