Stranger Things Season 3


main photo for video found on youtube

The original cast of the hit Netflix series Stranger Things in the newly released trailer.

Sarah Goble, Staff

Everyone is impatiently waiting for the day that Stranger Things season 3 is released out into the world. It’s been since October of 2017 since we’ve last had a season release and fans can understand why. Lots of work, time, and dedication are put into this Netflix series like any other, what’s crazy is that there’s only two seasons. This show seems to have created quite the attraction for itself hasn’t it?

Aren’t you wondering how a show with only two seasons and a total of 17 episodes have such a large fan base? With the popularity of Netflix these last few years, (especially during the summer season) people of all ages everywhere are looking for something new and different to start binge watching. So coincidentally, if something new and fresh happens to appear on one’s Netflix home page, it will very likely create a reputation for itself just by the first official release.

Stranger Things third season release date was confirmed by their official Instagram page on December 9, 2018. The post currently has 3.8 million views. This season is confirmed to be released on July 4 of 2019, and fans are practically bouncing in their seats waiting for the day to come.  The first initial trailer was released about two months ago on March 20, 2019.Some fans would say the wait is worth it while others want the season release this second.

In the meantime, the series producer has to release some little clips along the way. Recently, a clip of one of the characters Billy(played by Dacre Montgomery) was shown taking his shift as life-guard at the community pool while ladies are lining up to get a single glance from him. There’s much more to come with the coming season, but until then fans have to play the trailer over and over again until it’s engraved in their brains and re-watch the previously released seasons to satisfy themselves.