Memorial Day

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Lexi Holmes, Staff

This weekend consisted of the federal holiday in the United States to honor and remember the ones who had died fighting for our country.  Memorial Day used to be called  ‘Decoration Day’ which only respected the death of ones in the Civil War.  During and after World War 1, the United States was caught in another conflict so the holiday respected all Americans in all wars.  In 1968, the Congress passed the ‘Uniform Monday Holiday Act’ which set the holiday to be the last day in May, so it could create a three day weekend for everyone, especially workers in the federal work force. It was not an actual holiday until 1971. It is held on the last Monday of May, this year, it being May 27, 2019.

“I think Memorial Day is a day to spend with friends and family, and to celebrate lives that were lost in war” said Kylie Sandberg.

Many Americans celebrate and find ways to remember the importance of the holiday.  People from across the United States, host and participate in Memorial Day parades, especially ones who were in the military and veterans. Other people go to memorials and/or cemeteries to remember the absence of their loved ones. Other people find fun in going out of town to celebrate the three day weekend or go to the beach since it was so warm, it gives them a tease of summer!

“I went to Fort Monroe beach with my friends since it was warm and to celebrate the weekend” stated Mya Moore.