Special Olympics Virginia’s Summer Games


Athletes and Volunteers wait to hear what they placed at the Summer Games after competing in their selected sport

Mia Young, Staff

On Saturday, June 8, 2019 the Special Olympics Summer Games will be held in Richmond, Virginia at the Olympic Town Center. Summer Games is one of the thousands of competitions offered throughout the year. Athletes and coaches have trained and prepared for a full sports season in order to qualify to compete. More than 1,500 athletes will be going for the gold at Summer Games in a variety of sports such as swimming, track & field, bowling, tennis, and softball competitions. Over 2,500 community volunteers including Grafton High School students who are apart of the Special Olympics club, are coming out to help with Summer Games.

“I love going to the Special Olympics Summer Games with our club members, talking and meeting the athletes, and volunteering at Olympic Town”, Yenna Chu said.

The Summer Games will also be lighting the Olympic Cauldron, welcoming new volunteers to the Special Olympics family, and showcasing some of Richmond’s top talent at the Opening Ceremony.

As Athletes go for the gold the Special Olympics will also be holding a Solar Plunge in a above-ground Plunge pool. All funds that will be donated benefit more than 23,000 athletes of all abilities in the state of Virginia through free, year-round sport, health, and educational programs.

Their are many other ways to be involved such as volunteering to cheer and the Torch Run. People are allowed to sign up to cheer on and encourage athletes participating in the games to make the competitions more fun to everyone involved. The Torch Run that will also be at this event and that people can register to be in is 2,000 law enforcement members embark on a seven-day journey to carry the “Flame of Hope” to the Summer Games, which symbolizes courage and celebration of diversity.

“This is my final year going to the Summer Games and I’ve gone since freshman year so I am super excited to go my last time”, Chu said.