The Sun Is Also a Star Movie


Movie poster for the new romance/drama movie "The Sun Is Also a Star"

Mia Young, Staff

If you love to watch romance/drama movies, you should go see the new film called, The Sun Is Also a Star. On May 17, 2019 this movie was released in all theaters. This movie takes place in New York City where a 17-year-old girl named Natasha Kingsley who believes that everything is based off of science and facts that can be proven. Natasha was originally from Jamaica but moved when she was young and is on a mission to fight her and her deportation. In the middle of the chaos with her family, Natasha meets a boy named Daniel Bae who is from a Korean-American family and is in college. On one magical day the two fall for each other after Daniel says that they were destined to meet and fate brought them together. The stars of this movie explained the way in which the film pushes the boundaries of a traditional teenage romance.

“I think because we’re dealing with the topic of a cultural heritage and immigration, it’s not something that we often see, especially in the category of the young adult romance. You have two characters who come from specific upbringings and households and I think that informs the love story rather than the love story being something separate from that,” actress Yara Shahidi said.

This movie was based on the book by New York Times bestselling author Nicola Yoon back in 2016, who has also created the fan favorited book/movie “Everything, Everything”. This film was directed by Russo-Young who has directed the successful movie “Before I Fall”. One of the many meanings behind “The Sun Is Also a Star” is that representation matters but not just so we can see ourselves on-screen but that its also important to see perspectives other than our own.

The main characters were played by Yara Shahidi (Natasha Kingsley) and Charles Melton (Daniel Bae). The two individuals developed an easy chemistry on the way towards a satisfying ending that’s neither a tear-jerking tragedy nor fairy-tale wish fulfillment.