Senioritis in its Final Form


A senior peacefully sleeping while in school, most likely with severe senioritis.

Attiyah Abdul-Alim, Staff 2018-2019

What is senioritis? Senioritis is the lack of motivation in school experienced by seniors as a result of it being the final year of high school. Symptoms of senioritis include: tardiness, not doing homework, not studying, and an overall lack of effort.

With graduation coming up in less than a month, senioritis has been hitting students harder than ever. All that’s left for seniors to do is take final exams and “wait it out”, college decisions have been already been made and AP exams are finished. After interviewing a small group of students on their experience with senioritis, the overall consensus was that many seniors are struggling.

“It is so hard to find the motivation to come to school anymore, in the majority of my classes we just do busy work,” said Jasmine Patel, a senior. “Every morning its a challenge to not just turn off my alarm and go back to sleep.

“Doing homework is the hardest part for me, I just don’t have any motivation anymore,” said Molly Fleri, a senior.

“I’ve gotten to the point where I’m one step away from wearing my pajamas to school, and some days I honestly just wear them,” said Paige MacDonald, a senior.

“Senioritis is a negative force that I’ve tried very hard to prevent from occurring. As a beacon of black excellence, I’ve successfully prevented it from becoming my reality. I know that I can’t let the ancestors that fought for my education down,” said Christopher Mells, a senior.

There are many ways for senioritis to be combatted. One major way is to use your future and goals as motivation. You’ve worked hard all through out high school to set up your future after school, don’t let a little laziness affect any of the hard work that you’ve done.

Another way is to get through a day at a time. Looking at the calendar and seeing that you have to push through weeks more of school when all you want is to be done will only stress you out.  Instead, just focus on getting through one day at a time, and high school will be over before you know it.