AP Tests: How To Study


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Caroline Austin, Staff 2018-2019

As the school year winds down, testing season ramps up. With AP tests starting Monday, you may be starting to panic about last-minute studying. Fortunately for you, I’ve compiled this list of tips and resources so I can procrastinate on studying for my exams!


A.P. Resources:

-The College Board website is a great place to find review material. Since they’re the ones actually making the test, their information is going to be the most relevant to what you’re studying for. You can look at real released exams and get an idea of the types of questions they like to ask and the material they tend to focus on. Getting familiar with the exam format can also make you more comfortable and confident on test day.

-Another resource students find very helpful is Khan Academy.  Khan Academy has thousands of learning modules for everything from AP Calculus to AP Art History. You can choose which sections you need to work on and watch videos and do interactive activities that will make you an expert on virtually any topic.

-If you’re interested in making more of an investment, you may want to consider purchasing the AP crash course book pertaining to the subject you’re studying for. The material is modeled off of the College Board curriculum and usually aligns well with material taught in AP classes. The best part about these is you can take them with you and study anywhere. Purchasing one also gives you an access code for online materials that can aid your studying. The information stays relatively the same for year to year, so if you have a younger sibling that may be taking this exam in a year or two, one of these books may be worth your money.

You can find them here: https://www.amazon.com/stores/page/4CE49676-9A93-423C-BACB-4839C035EB50?store_ref=SB_A0181557LZH7HCKIM1JP&pf_rd_p=3fade48a-e699-4c96-bf08-bb772ac0e242&hsa_cr_id=9666630630401&lp_slot=auto-sparkle-hsa-tetris&lp_asins=073861226X,0738612391,0738612340&lp_mat_key=crash%20course&lp_query=ap%20crash%20course&sb-ci-n=shopNow


Planning out your studying can also be very beneficial. As those of you studying for the AP Psychology exam know, splitting information into small chunks and studying bit by bit is much more effective than cramming. Put aside some time whenever you can to pull out your review materials or log onto Quizlet so you can spread your studying out over the course of several days. Not only will you save yourself from the inevitable exhaustion that cramming brings, but you’ll retain the information much more effectively. While it may be tempting to stay up studying all night before the exam, getting plenty of rest will be much more beneficial. Eating breakfast is also a must so you can stay focused on the test. It’s a good idea to layer your clothing, because exam rooms can be extremely hot or cold depending on where in the building your test is taking place. Wear comfortable clothes, like a sweatshirt over short-sleeves, so you can stay focused on the test. Make sure to bring a water bottle and a snack for the allotted break as well.



-you’ve eaten breakfast

-comfortable clothing


-water bottle


-number two pencils (They provide these in the testing room if you forget.)

-a pen you like to write with (Chances are you’ll be doing a lot of writing, and having a pen you’re comfortable with can make all the difference. They also provide pens in the testing room if you would rather use one of those.)


Good luck to everyone taking exams! Let’s get this college credit!