English Honor Society

The National English Honor Society's official logo taken from their website.


The National English Honor Society's official logo taken from their website.

Emma Sreves, Staff 2018-2019

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“I decided to join the club because English is my favorite subject and since Mr. Green is the sponsor, I felt a strong urge to join because he’s been an influential teacher to me,” said senior Sophie Scheeren about the new English Honor Society. This year marks the first year of an English Honor Society at Grafton High School. Created by Mr. Green and Ms. Dilley, the English Honor Society stands to further educate students about English-related topics outside of the classroom. The English Honor Society allows for students to learn more, read more, and do more outside of school hours. Many students are extremely excited that an English Honor Society finally exists at Grafton, and now almost every core subject has an honor society.

President of the English Honor Society, Senior Sam Nelson, when asked why he wanted to join the society said, “I wanted to join because I have a great interest in English.” When asked why he decided to run for president of the society he said, “I didn’t trust anyone else to run the club”. Nelson also said, “I think the English Honor Society is a great society because it allows for people with an interest in English to come together and learn more outside of school.”

English Honor Society chapters around the United States stand to connect schools through a network of English teachers and students who have a special interest in language, literature, and writing. Each chapter is designed to organize activities that develop the community of people who share a great interest in English. The motto for the National English Honor Society is, “gelast sceal mid are”, which means, “duty goes with honor”. This motto stands to show how the National English Honor Society serves to use one’s gifts and interests to benefit others.

Junior Natilyn Mann has a great interest in English and even ran for Secretary of the English Honor Society. When asked why she decided to join the English Honor Society Mann said, “I love English and literature and plan on minoring in it in college”. Mann also said, “I’m glad there is finally an English Honor Society at our school”.

Senior Sophie Scheeren another member of the English Honor Society said, “We had a brainstorming session the other day and it was really cool to come up with ideas for volunteer projects and fun activities with like-minded people. It’s not an honor society “just for the cord.” It’s essentially a club for people who find a passion in English and want to educate themselves further in the subject.”

When asked why she decided to join the society Scheeren said, “even though I’m a senior and won’t be able to do much in the club with the month and a half I have left, I hope to get as much accomplished as possible in terms of service projects and enrichment activities before I graduate and not have the same experience in college because I don’t know if there will be anything like that for me.”