Earth Day


Lenore Dougherty

This is a plant, there are many like it but this one is purple.

Samantha Heinz, Staff

Earth Day is always celebrated on April 22 and it is a day of political action and civic participation, but to students it is a day where we appreciate all that earth has to offer. This holiday has been the largest civic-focused day in history. To most, it is a day to protect all the natural creations and the planet that we live on.

Throughout this day, many students posted on their social media accounts about all the beauty the earth has to offer, including sunsets, flowers, and landscapes.

“Scrolling through Instagram, I saw many people post all the sunset pictures they have and pretty pictures of a variety of types of flowers. Seeing all these pictures made me appreciate the world that we live in and I want it to keep its natural beauty,” freshman Lauren Falk said.

The earth gave students a sense of exploration and a feeling that the earth was theirs.

“Nature has a way of making me feel like the world is mine to explore, but it is also a reminder that we all have to live here and we all have to work together to preserve it,” junior Ashleigh Showalter said.

People around the world went out and cleaned some areas of trash and liter to maintain earth’s natural beauty. There was an account on Instagram where for every so many views they received from their video they would plant a tree. There is also an account called Tentree where for every ten likes they receive on their post they will plant a tree. There are many social media accounts out there trying to make the world a better place.

What did make the earth such a beautiful place on this day and every day?

“The vast majority of it, from the tip of the highest mountain to the depth of the ocean, there are thousands of different plants, animals, and landscapes that are all amazing in their own right,” senior Nathan Hass said.

Next year in 2020, it will be the fiftieth anniversary of celebrating Earth Day.