Sandwiches: What is and is not.



The Wikipedia image for a sandwich, used to illustrate what exactly a sandwich is, and what it isn't.

Sam Madrigal, Staff 2018-2019

Sandwiches are one of the easiest foods too make. Everybody knows what a peanut butter a jelly sandwich is and how to make one, but what about more controversial topics?

What makes a sandwich?

A sandwich is a lunch food that has a piece of bread on the top and on the bottom with a type of food in the middle. there are other things like burritos which are not sandwiches because they are surrounded by bread and tacos which have the split at the top.

Examples of sandwiches would be: hamburgers, grilled cheese sandwiches, and, most controversially, hot dogs. Now you’re probably wondering, “A hot dog has the split in the top that would make it a taco right?” WRONG.  Most people, like foodologist Gabe Murphy who said;

“No a hot dog is not a sandwich because the star of a hot dog is the meat and in a sandwich the meat is just an accompaniment.””

— Gabe Murphy

People like Murphy are wrong.

Hot dogs are sandwiches for the main reason that a taco is made out of a tortilla shell and a hot dog is made out of bread. The bun of a hot dog is similar to the bread on a sub sandwich. However, even with these similarities, a sub is never questioned about being a sandwich like a hot dog is even though both of the buns are shaped in the same fashion.

The hot dog sits like a taco though so how is it a sandwich. Well if you do a crazy thing like laying the hot dog on its side it is then a sub sandwich. This does not work for a taco because it is made out of a corn tortilla shell.

Wraps which some may call sandwiches, but they are indeed burritos as they are surrounded by bread. Roast beef fan Rachel Ramsey claims that, “A wrap is not a burrito but a burrito is a wrap because a burrito is Mexican and  food with meat, beans, and cheese, but a wrap is not remotely Mexican and can contain anything inside them.” Contrasting earlier statement however, it still agrees with the statements because wraps and burritos are in the same category proving that they are the same.

Now the question is what is the best sandwich. Many people have opinions on what the best sandwich and everyone is wrong. The best sandwich is the grilled cheese without a doubt the best sandwich. The meal is a staple of american childhood and is one of the most universally liked sandwiches in the world. There are even stores dedicated to the grilled cheese.

Hamburgers, burritos, hot dogs and even subs have stores dedicated to them too so why are those not the best. That is because those sandwiches have meat in them which many people like vegans and vegetarians cannot eat. However, grilled cheese can be eaten by any one. You may think what about lactose intolerant people, but every lactose intolerant person does not care about it and will deal with the consequences.

Senior Fred Choi is very passionate about grilled cheese sandwiches who wrote a poem saying,

“When you have bread and cheese

You get grilled cheese if you please.

The sandwich is so cool and yummy

It goes really fast into my tummy.”

The big sandwich debate has been decided and obviously a hot dog is a sandwich and the grilled cheese is the best sandwich in the world.