Tiger Woods Wins the Masters



Tiger Woods celebrates his Master's victory with his hands in the air.

Samantha Heinz, Staff

Tiger Woods is the 2019 Masters Golf Tournament winner. After an 11 year drought, Woods final round was a 2-under 70 which won him the championship. It was his first major win since the 2008 U.S. Open and the first win of the Augusta National since 2005. It was the 15th win of Woods’ career

“I remember walking into the room and the tournament was on and all I can remember is people cheering Ti-ger! Ti-ger! The thing I remember the most is Wood’s reaction when he won right after he putted in his last ball. His hands went up in the air almost looking relieved and he also was smiling very hard,” Evan Heinz said.

It is rare for students in high school to watch a golf tournament because the majority of the students were not interested in golf. When Woods name is mentioned, however, students are familiar enough with the name that it tends to cause comments on his public figure and a reaction to the news.

“I do not know much about golf, but I do know that Tiger Woods is a golf player. He is also always wearing a lot of Nike attire,” Kyleigh Tankard said.

Woods is a sponsor for Nike and after the tournament, sales went up by two percent. Woods is best known for wearing a red polo shirt with a Nike logo on it.

Woods was shocked by his win and it happened to be one of the hardest tournaments just because of what happened in the past. In his personal life he encountered many different struggles for example, his divorce with his wife.

“I thought it was great for him to rebound from a stretch of super tough years and come back and win one of the biggest golf tournaments in the world,” Will Prokopik said.

The crowd began to cheer his name once he had won and Woods was full of excitement. Woods was back on the board as a good golf player again.