Lacrosse Senior Night


Rob Kramer

Proud, Grafton lacrosse seniors posed for a team picture to commemorate their final season together.

Haley Fowler, Photography Editor 2017-2019

On April 19th, the girls’ varsity lacrosse team is having their senior night at the York County Sports Complex at 5:30. Having only 17 players total and 10 of them being seniors, the varsity team will be saying goodbye to a majority of their players with the close of the season next month. With over half the team composed of seniors, it is a very special night for the girls.

For the younger players, they will be losing a significant part of the leadership on the team. “I’m going to miss how all of the seniors were always such a positive role model this past season. I can always look up to them and trust them,” sophomore Olivia Wahl said.

Many of the seniors have been on the Grafton lacrosse team since they were a freshman, so senior night will feel a little bittersweet. “I’m going to miss seeing my team almost everyday. We’ve grown so close to each other that it’s going to be hard not being around my teammates anymore,” senior Mackenzie Reynolds said.

There are many memories shared between the girls over the years, including important moments like when they got moved from the JV team to the varsity team. “One of my favorite memories with Grafton lacrosse was getting my first varsity goal during the Jamestown game when I got pulled up from JV junior year,” senior Kayla Kernan said. Other special memories that the girls look back on involve the team’s annual dinner after tryout weeks. “This year’s pasta dinner at the end of “happy” week is probably one of my favorite memories. I felt like our team meshed well and was inclusive of everyone. It was the first time this year that we were all together off the field and it was so much fun to hangout with everyone,” senior Carrie Frecker said.

Senior night is always an important night to celebrate the graduating seniors on the team. Even though it may be sad to see the seniors who will be leaving shortly, it’s exciting to watch how they have grown throughout the years and their time with Grafton lacrosse come to a close.