After Movie Review


Lexi Holmes

The Fandango website, used to illustrate the competition that "After" faces in theaters.

Lexi Holmes, Staff

On April 12, 2019 a new movie was brought to the theaters.  ‘After’, is a love story starring Josephine Langford playing Tessa Young and, Hero Fiennes Tifin playing Hardin Scott, directed by Jenny Gage.  The movie is about a woman, Tessa Young, who is loved by everyone.  When she enters college, her life changes when she falls in love with a guy with a dark secret.  Throughout the movie the couple goes through a tough relationship.  Originally, the story-line was written on Wattpad with over a billion reads.  Many people began to love it and the story went viral, and was the most talked about topic on the Internet. The social media phenomenon, Anna Todd, which is the original author of the story, made many connections with the fans and it soon reached higher levels. She made a book deal with Simon and Schuster.  Todd was the New York Times Best Selling author and international social star.  Since then, the movie started to become real.

“My favorite part about the movie, ‘After’, was that there was a love connection and throughout it all, in the end, Hardin Scott says “the thing I love most in the world is you”, relating to Tessa” said Caitlin Price.

Many viewers, of the book and movie, enjoyed the plot and the summary that the actors tried to portray.  Even though, the book and movie were written/directed by separate people, the overall story-line interested many.  People say that it is a romance and fun-loving movie because of the two main stars, Tessa Young and Hardin Scott.  The movie involved many other famous stars, such as, Selma Blair, Peter Gallagher, Dylan Arnold, Pia Mia, etc.

“I loved the overall story line of the movie,  because they portray it as a college romance which I can, personally, relate too” said Price.