The Popularity of Crocs


Attiyah Abdul-Alim

Pink Crocs, used to illustrate the variety of accessories placeable on crocs.

Attiyah Abdul-Alim, Staff 2018-2019

The subject of Crocs has always been polarizing. Some people find Crocs fun and comfortable, while others find the shoe ugly and an eyesore. The uniqueness style of the croc has brought the shoe and brand a great deal of popularity since it was first created and released in 2002.

Croc fans enjoy the bright and fun colors of the clogs. The holey design makes the footwear breathable, and also allows for them to be customizable with Jibbitz, which are charms that can be placed in the holes of Crocs.

On the opposite side, others find Crocs find Crocs ugly and off-putting. The wide and chunky appearance of the Croc is despised by many. There are dozens of fashion articles and blog posts making fun of croc wearers and discussing how “ugly” Crocs are.

One of the biggest examples of Crocs hate is a BlogSpot user that dedicated his page,, to discussing his hate of Croc wearers. “These people know that the footwear they don is unattractive. They are to your eyes what second-hand smoke is to your lungs,” one blog post on the website states.

Others’ hate for Crocs is so passionate, they refuse to acknowledge the existence of Crocs. “What are Crocs,” said Christopher Mells, a senior, when questioned about his opinion on the footwear. When pressed further on the matter, he declined to comment, instead changing the subject and effectively ending the interview.

In the last few years, the brand has had a surge in popularity, especially in the teen/young adult demographic. “I like my Crocs because they’re convenient and beautiful, I think they became popular with teens because they’re easy to style with clothes,” said Paige MacDonald, a senior.”I can’t pull off Crocs, but I think they’re cute in a sense of a lazy look,” said Jasmine Patel, a senior.

Croc sales are doing extremely well, Quartz reported Crocs sales going up 19.9% in stores in America in 2018. Post Malone recently had a collaboration with Crocs that with sold out within minutes after it went on sale. Whether you love or hate Crocs, it is obvious that the shoe brand is definitely not going anywhere in the near time future.