Easter Traditions


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Lexi Holmes, Staff

April 21, 2019, is the annual holiday celebrating Easter, even though the holiday falls on a different date each year.  Easter is a festive Christian holiday that celebrates the belief that Jesus rose from the dead, as told in the New Testament of the Bible.  The holiday concludes the series of traditions that begin with Lent, which is a 40 day period of prayer and sacrifice, not including Sundays.  It ends with the ‘Holy  Week’ that includes Holy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday.  Easter eggs is popular associating with the holiday.  Easter eggs are an example of non-religious traditions, such as, decorating eggs, and playing games.  Kids find fun in looking for Easter eggs, and trying to find the ‘golden egg’.  Another big character on Easter is the ‘Easter Bunny’.  The Easter Bunny excites children on Sunday morning with candy, toys, and fun things in their Easter baskets.  This is a fun tradition to include everyone on the holiday.

“On Easter, I ate at my uncles house with my family.  Traditionally, we hide Easter eggs for the little kids to hunt for them” said Hanna Underwood.

Many people celebrate the holiday but others do not.  Some don’t find interest or believe in celebrating Easter. But, many people find it interesting to have fun, search for eggs, go to church, spend time with family and friends, receive gifts from the Easter bunny, and realize the importance of Jesus.