Grafton 2018-2019 Seniors of the Months

October 15, 2018

Every month of the school year except June, a committee of staff members decides on a senior of the month for that month. We here at The Voyage hope to help inform the readers about Grafton’s Senior of the month by writing a brief background of them and compiling them here.

Senior of the Month- September

For the month of September, Abby Zwirschitz was senior of the month.

Abby was very surprised she says, when she found out she was senior of the month.

“When I first found out I was super surprised; I actually picked up the school board’s call to my parents and told them I was my mom, so I was shocked the whole time the lady was telling me.”

“I really enjoy going to them and cheering in the student section with all of my friends.  I don’t think I will ever forget those memories.”

Abby says she will always remember high school football games.

Abby has two favorite teachers.  She says they are Mrs. Brown and Ms. Jacobsen.  Although she struggled a lot in their classes they never lost faith in her.  They both always pushed her to do her best and were always there  to help her when she needed it.

“I learned so much in both of their classes and I will always appreciate how they never gave up on me and always believed I could succeed.” says Abby.

Abby plays a sport and also has to balance her time to succeed in her classes.

“If I am being honest it is a lot of late nights.  I always have something going on which causes me to have to focus and work hard when I get home in order to do well in school.  It is never easy, I feel sleep deprived a lot of the time, but I manage to push through and work hard.  I am the person who will study until I get it which is a blessing and a curse because sometimes I don’t get it until 2am.”

The only sport Abby is playing for her senior year is field hockey.  Abby has been playing varsity field hockey since her freshman year.

“I love the sport a lot.  Most of my closest friends play field hockey which makes it so much fun.  I love all my teammates.” says Abby.

Abby’s goals for after school are to go to college and figure out what I want to major in.  Her top three colleges are Virginia Tech, University of Florida, and Florida State.

“After college I hope to go to graduate school and have the ability to travel the world!”



Senior of the Month: October


Grafton Band

Calvin Moore as a drum major.

Out of the 290 seniors in the Grafton High School class of 2019, one is selected every month to be recognized for their outstanding academics and involvement in the school. This month, the senior chosen was Calvin Moore.

He shows great dedication to the school by being involved in seven school clubs. Moore is in TRI-M club as the President, National Honor Society, Mu Alpha Theta, SNHS, SHS, Marching Band as the drum major, and STEM club.

While being busy contributing his time to the multiple school clubs, Calvin Moore uses his free time to tutor other students, teach band lessons, and work at Subway as the Shift Manager. On top of the after school commitments he has to Grafton, Moore pushes himself in his education.

He is currently taking five advanced placement classes this school year. The classes are AP Physics, AP Calculus BC, AP Government, AP Literature & Composition, and AP Spanish. Calvin Moore has a GPA of 4.42, ranking him 21st in his class.

One of Moore’s good friends, Senior Nathan Hass, said, “Calvin embodies Grafton and the Grafton spirit. He is fun and friendly, bringing everyone around him up.”

One college Moore hopes to attend is Virginia Tech because of their math and science programs along with the music program. Moore said, “I found out I had a unique passion for math and science after taking classes at Grafton High School.”

In 10 years Moore sees himself either pursuing higher education, or becoming a naval officer like his father. His ultimate goal is to work at NASA.

After being asked how he felt when he was chosen to be the senior of the month for October, Calvin Moore expressed how he always knew he wanted to earn this award and he felt accomplished. “Hard work and dedication pays off,” Moore said.

Senior of the Month- December

Alex Roper was chosen for Senior of the Month for December.

Alex Roper says his reaction was “pure surprise”, when he was told he was senior of the month for December.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to be senior of the month when I got called into the office and not because of lack of confidence, but there are just so many great students who I definitely believe worthy of the acknowledgement.  Regardless, I was very thankful”

“High School will always be remembered by, all the students I’ve gotten to know over the years.  Grafton has been what encouraged so much of my growth during my teenage years and it’ll be sad to leave so many important people and activities.”

Alex Roper says his favorite teacher is Mrs. Montini.

“Her view on learning is probably one of the most important things I’ll take away from Grafton.  Realizing the importance of having a growth mindset, or prioritizing life quality in everything that we do from happiness to nutrition to academics rather than money or perfect grades.  There’s so much I’ve learned from her and she has helped shape me to the person I am now.”

Alex says  he is “no pro at balancing activities”.

“Some key tips would be to have a schedule and don’t procrastinate” says Alex.

Alex is on the Track team here at Grafton.  He loves track, his teammates and his coach.

“This year I have the pleasure of being on the track team for the last time.  I love the teammates around me and there’s nothing that brings a group of people together more than pushing past exhaustion on a work out at freezing temperatures.  says Alex.

Although Alex does not think college is a need for success in life to any degree,  he has applied early decision to Duke University.

“If I’m not accepted, I have plans to apply to USouthernCal and UVA” says Alex.

“Whenever my time is up on this earth, I want to be able to say that I had a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible.  I have aspirations on creating a business based with the goal of making a better world.  But I know I can achieve this goal through thousands of mediums, so whatever God has planned for me, I yield to him.” says Alex



Senior of the Month- January

The Senior of Month for January is Nathan Hass.

“They called me to the office without context so I thought I had somehow gotten in trouble.  Once I got into Mrs. Cataldo’s office, she told me why I was down there and I was relieved but shocked.  I did not expect to receive that honor,” says Nathan.

“One thing I’ll always remember from high school will be MC-ing the pep rally.  It was awesome to feel the energy of the whole student body collectively in one place and being able to experience it.” Nathan paired with Haley Sutton during his senior year for the Winter Pep Rally and were chosen as the Master of Ceremonies.

“My favorite teacher so far is probably Mrs. Deberry.  She really helps students to understand material and build relationships with her students.  She also relates to the students and helps with outside of class problems,” says Nathan.

“It’s really hard to balance everything I am involved in.  Between Boy scouts, Club Soccer, Varsity Sports, Honor Societies, Youth Leadership team, Band and my classes, I don’t have a lot of time.  I’ve learned to budget the time I do have efficiently.  The biggest thing I have found is getting my work done early instead of waiting til the last minute,” says Nathan

“This year I’m doing Club Soccer, Indoor Track, and planning on playing Soccer for the school this spring.” Nathan says he does high jumps and sprinting in Track.

“My goals after high school is to go to college and earn my major in biology,” says Nathan. His top choices of college are Cornell University, Duke University, and Virginia Tech. Nathan hopes to go straight into medical school and become a doctor.

Senior of the Month- February

Candid Color

The senior of the month for February was Allison Kenney.  Allison was so excited when she found out that she was senior of the month.

“I was incredibly excited and honored to find out I was selected.  It was nice to know what that all my hard work had paid off”

“I will always remember all the great friendships I’ve made over the years here.” says Allison.

Allison’s favorite teacher was Mr. McQuillan.

“He always found a way to make the subject engaging and he was incredibly dedicated to each and every student.” stated Allison.

Allison makes her time very important and is very good at organizing her activities.

“Time management is the biggest key to balancing my extracurriculars and academics.  Also, it’s really important to remember to take time for yourself and step back from your responsibilities so that you don’t get overwhelmed.” says Allison.

“Senior year I’ve done cross country and indoor and outdoor track.” says Allison.

Allison began to tell me that her top choices for school are John Hopkins, UVA, and NC State.

“I think right now my top three schools would be John Hopkins, UVA, and NC State.” says Allison.

After high school Allison is going to pursue a degree in biomedical engineering and later a career in biological research or tissue engineering.

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