Senior Court & Jail Field Trips


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Emma Sreves, Staff 2018-2019

Through the months of January and February the senior government classes take their annual field trip to the York County Circuit Court and Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail. This field trip allows for those in government classes to apply their learning to real world situations. While on this trip students are taken to the York County Circuit Court first to hear trials and after their time at the court they are taken to the Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail and given a tour.

Senior Irine Cho said from this trip she learned, “that jail is not a joke. I always had an image of what jail would be like from movies and TV shows and it was interesting being able to see what an actual really looks like.” The trip also allowed Cho to apply some of the things she has learned in government class to the real world she said, “we are learning about immigration and inequality in class right now which I always knew about but couldn’t really imagine, but while on the trip to the jail a majority of the inmates were illegal immigrants.” To summarize her whole experience Cho said, “one word I would use to describe this trip is eye-opening because it gave me a look into the real world.”

Abby Zwrischitz, another senior who went on the trip says that she, “really enjoyed the trip because it was very interesting to sit in on real cases. I learned that our local jail uses a different type of system where one guard oversees many inmates, and it helped me to understand what we learn in government more by being able to see it in real life.” When asked about her experience on the trip senior Renae Wallace said, “while the trip allowed us to see what we learn in government class occur in the real world, I would have liked to see and learn more about the jail. The tour of the jail was very surface level and quick, and I wish we could have seen more.”

The court and jail field trip helps government students apply what they are learning in the classroom to real life situations that go on around them everyday. This trip helps open students’ eyes to what really goes on in the world and how much the things we learn in government class occur everyday.