Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


Clare Mackrella

Happy Valentine's Day!

Clare Mackrella, Staff

Stuck on what to get for your boy/girlfriend, best friend, or family member this February? Don’t want to go all in on the expansive jewelry but also want something more than just flowers and chocolates? These creative gifts are a perfect in-between for whoever you’re showing love to this Valentine’s Day.

A personalized and unique gift for a special someone is a music playlist. Choose songs that are significant to your loved one and that hold a special meaning. Name the playlist after the person you’re making it for, or even name it after an inside joke. Apple Music and Spotify are both easy tools for creating and sharing your playlist. This is a simple and easy gift idea that also has a personal touch to it.

Some nice DIY gifts that will mean a lot to whoever you’re giving it to are “jar gifts”. A jar gift is a mason jar (or any clear jar) that can be filled with things specific to the person you’re giving it to. Some examples are a “50 reasons jar” where 50 slips of paper each contain something you love about that person. Another example is a “memories jar” in which the jar is filled with pieces of paper that contain a memory of you and that person. These jars will mean so much to whoever is receiving them.

Skip the fancy restaurant dinners and try a night at home instead! A nice alternate that also saves money is an at-home date night. Cooking dinner for someone is a nice way to show some love, especially if you don’t usually spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Set up a table with some flowers for a centerpiece, put on some music, and enjoy a home-cooked meal with your loved one. Afterwards, cuddle up with some blankets and watch a rom-com both of you enjoy.

Photos keep memories forever. Pick some of your favorite pictures with you and your loved one and make a collage. Walgreens and CVS are both good places that make it easy to create a photo collage. Visit either of their websites to upload the pictures from your phone or computer and arrange them however you want! Then, the collage can either be shipped to your house or picked up in stores. Finish it off with a nice frame and card.

An easy gift that requires no money are “open when letters”. These are super simple to make and don’t require much time. Write letters for your valentine for whenever they’re feeling sad, stressed, angry, happy, excited, or just about any other emotion. You know them best, so write whatever you think they would need to hear in these situations. These letters are guaranteed to brighten their day!