The Art of Teaching

Mrs. Boyd, math teacher


Dr. Martin

Principal Whitney Cataldo(left) presents Mrs. Boyd(right) with the Teacher of the Year award.

Alex Murphy, Staff

On the afternoon of January 31st, Grafton High School’s very own, Mrs. Kyle Boyd was awarded the Teacher of the Year. In her third year of teaching at Grafton High School, the Vanderbilt University graduate is described as “being the true definition of what a teacher should be; a simply well-rounded individual who will influence many,” as stated by sophomore Trevor Sykes.

For as long as Mrs. Boyd can remember, her passion was education, specifically in the subject of mathematics. Beginning from her first day of elementary school, she almost immediately knew she wanted her profession to be involving the classroom.

“I am one of those people who always knew I wanted to be a teacher as far back as I can remember… I don’t remember ever really ‘choosing’ high school, but I definitely wanted to teach math specifically, so higher grades were always the plan,” Boyd said.

When asked why she particular was fond of math she replied with, “Math has always been my strong suit – I love the rules, the organization, the predictability. So many kids get to high school already believing they ‘can’t’ do math, or hearing at home ‘she’s just never been good at math’, and I like the challenge of tackling that attitude,” Boyd said.

In her years’ of grade school, Boyd was always known for being someone to willingly help others when they may have struggled from time to time. She had lots of experience when it came to interacting with students and guiding students in the right direction. She frequently enjoyed helping those with learning disabilities or hardships when it came to language boundaries with students from foreign countries.

Today, Boyd’s effect on her students is nothing short of positive. She manages to create an enjoyable and interactive classroom environment that enables students to firmly grasp the material being taught, while providing organized and orderly learning conditions.

“Mrs. Boyd is very involved in our mathematical life, and she really wants us to learn and understand the subject. At the same time though, she believes it is not just all about math. She has always been one of those teachers that will sit down and talk with you about almost anything. Whether it be having a bad day or having a tough time in her class; she welcomes you,” junior Fernanda Estrada said.

“With her very enthusiastic persona, Mrs. Boyd always is one to help anyone no matter what their personal life entails. She has made my math experience much more tolerable, even though I am not the best in this particular subject,” senior Daniel Tapajna.

Over her years, Boyd has had much time to reflect on Grafton High School as a whole. She admits that there have been some rough patches, however is reminded by her incredibly supportive husband of the good things that teaching brings. He realizes how much this means to her and recognizes how emotionally invested she is with her occupation.

As stated by one of her most respected role models, Larry Ledoux, “Do you want to teach math, or do you want to teach kids?” Boyd says, “…this quote is basically my teaching motto and goes through my head at least once a week.”

Do you want to teach math, or do you want to teach kids?”

— Larry Ledoux

Above the occasional complication in her teaching life, Boyd truly admires her profession and has proved to the students, teachers, and staff at Grafton High School that she is one of the best to ever master “The Art of Teaching”.

“Grafton is the most collaborative place I have worked and it makes such a huge difference in what we can all get accomplished,” Boyd said.