Three day Weekends

A meme shows the excitement that comes with a three-day weekend.

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A meme shows the excitement that comes with a three-day weekend.

Nathan Hensley, Staff

Three day weekends are one of the things students anticipate and love. It’s an extra day to decompress and relax without stressing over school. Not only that, but it normally means that Monday is a day off, which is a day most students dread. Three day weekends normally occur when there is a national holiday; like Martin Luther King Day, Presidents Day, etc. People do different things to enjoy the extra day off.

“I like to go to the movies with my friends or my girlfriend,” junior David Conner. Going to the movies is a common way for friends to hang out with each other and spend quality time together. It’s also a way for people to spend time with their boyfriend or girlfriend. “Either that or I’ll play Fortnite with the boys,” Conner also said. Fortnite has become a huge moneymaker and everyone either knows about it or has played it. It’s taken students by storm, and has stuck around for over a year.

“I like being able to sleep for an extra amount of time,” sophomore Ritchie Bui said. Many people complain about not being able to sleep for a healthy amount of time, and this gives an extra day to sleep more. Although it is not possible to make up for missed sleep, it provides a refreshing break.

“I like three-day weekends because it takes away the stress of a Monday. It’s really great,” said junior Jeremiah Zellander. It’s easy to agree with the fact that three-day weekends provide a relief for stress. Students seem to agree with the fact that there is nothing wrong with an extra day off.

It’s hard not to enjoy a three-day weekend. It’s good for mental health and gives students an extra day to take a break from the stress school has to offer. It’s also a good time to take a small vacation or travel somewhere for a short period of time. According to Business Insider, a business gave three-day weekends and productivity skyrocketed because of it. The same thing would likely happen with school if there were three-day weekends awarded on a regular basis, since it gives that extra day of relaxation.

The only issue would be is that Monday has a negative connotation, being that it is the first day of the week. That same connotation would likely be passed on to Tuesday.

Either way, that extra day helps students and workers alike.