Fornite Season 7 Review


Maxim Somov

Isaac Montieth checking the current Fortnite news.

Maxim Somov, Staff

It’s that time of year again: the time to play Fornite Battle Royale. Fornite, the game that has taken the world by storm, is currently in the middle of season 7.  Season 7 is the 7th expansion the game has gone through, introducing a new frozen biome and a new vehicle type, the airplane. Each season has its own theme based on the current month of the year, for example, season 6 began in October so it had a Halloween theme.  Season 7, beginning in December, has a Christmas and early spring theme.

Just like previous seasons, season 7 has brand new challenges players can complete and a entire new set of skins within the battle pass. “Fornite is really epic, new skins are added like every day and the weekly challenges are amazing” said PS4 gamer Tyler Sholtis.

Along with monthly season changes, Fornite also has weekly updates that introduce new skins, weapons, and map changes. “The updates keep the game fresh, every week a new skin drops or a new location gets put it, I’ve been playing since season 2” said Xbox 360 gamer John Golden.

Season 7 is probably the most unique update the game has had in a while. Season 7 introduces a brand new vehicle, the airplane. The airplane can hold 5 people, and has a mounted turret at the front. A map overhaul also occurred changing the bottom left portion of the map into a icy wasteland.  New skins have also been introduced into the game, the Lynx and the Zenith. Just like previous seasons, they can be upgraded from level one to level 7, changing the skins appearance along the way.

Rumors about the map changing have also been surfacing on the Xbox live party chats, gamers believe the current frozen area of the map, most notably Frozen Peek, will start melting away and flooding the map. “Frozen peak is becoming water, it’s no longer frozen peek. I hope the water floods the map and makes an ocean, this will be a good transition into season 8” said PC gamer Tray Laporte. If the rumors are true, Fornite season 8 has the possibility to completely change the game, and once again, keep gamers engaged.