Super Bowl Predictions

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds his sixth Lombardi trophy.

USA Today

Patriots quarterback Tom Brady holds his sixth Lombardi trophy.

Nathan Hensley, Staff

The Super Bowl is right around the corner. That’s right, the most-watched sports event is just weeks away from happening. The halftime show is set: Maroon 5, Travis Scott, and Big Boi, a former member of the 2000’s hip hop group OutKast. The only question that remains is who will be triumphant in Super Bowl 53.

The match-up is set; the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams will be playing in the 53rd Super Bowl. The game will take place in Atlanta on February 3rd, 2019. Both teams have  fought hard to get to where they are, however only one team will walk away with the Lombardi Trophy. How did they get there?

The Los Angeles Rams are representing the NFC, or National Football Conference, in the Super Bowl. Their quarterback, Jared Goff has led a high-powered offense with the help of his all-pro running back Todd Gurley II. Sean McVay’s aggressive play-calling as a head coach has put the offense to work and has been efficient in every game. This will be the Ram’s first Super Bowl appearance since 1999, and Goff’s first Super Bowl as well. Despite still being new to the league, Goff and Gurley have not fallen to the playoff pressure and atmosphere.

The New England Patriots are representing the AFC, or American Football Conference. Tom Brady, the Patriots quarterback, has been regarded as the greatest to play for years. This will be his ninth appearance. Brady has won the Super Bowl five times, and he will be looking for his sixth. Bill Belichick, head coach for New England, has also been praised for his greatness as a head coach. Despite the team performing below other teams and have been predicted to lose, they have always been a team that should never be counted out.

“I got the Rams,” said junior Aaron Thedford. There is no doubt that the two teams will put on a show during the game; but with any other game, someone must win. The two teams perform similarly: a great offense with a defense that has flaws but can make game-changing plays.

“I’m tired of seeing Brady in the Super Bowl,” Thedford also said. Brady has brought the Patriots to eight of their ten Super Bowls. Super Bowl 53 will be his ninth time playing in the big game. Out of the eight he has played, he has won five. He is not only regarded as the best quarterback, but also the best in the post-season.

The game will be a high-scoring game with no question. Both teams are better known for their offense, and are led by great players. The match-up at quarterback will be a classic with no doubt. It’ll be the veteran  Tom Brady against the young and talented Jared Goff. The game will take place on February 3rd, 2019, at 6:30 PM eastern time.