Varsity Game v. York


Candid Color

Junior Terry White scores against Warhill while senior Christian Ellsworth looks on.

Lexi Holmes, Staff

The boys basketball team is 11-3  so far!  The team took a hard loss to Tabb and Green Run.  The boys varsity team has had a great season, with many wins.  They played York on January 18th, with the ending score, 71-31.  Many new players played during the York game.

“The transition from middle school basketball to varsity was the hardest part of being a freshman.  The pace is faster, the competition is more challenging, and my lack of experience does not help at all, but Coach Jeremy Jordan has helped me with the process by guiding me through what I need to do to maximize my potential as a freshman.  Luckily, I have Coach Mark Yancy that will continue to prepare me for next year with intense training. ” said Cole George.

On January 17th, the girls played York and had a great win.  With the finishing score being, 53-28.  The girls have had a great season so far with many new athletes!

“I think we played well, we were given a scout report on York by our coach and that helped us know how they play.  Also, during the game, my team and I connected very well and were able to successfully defend York.  We made shots on offense, which helped us win, and everyone contributed to get the win.” Maya Hasenfang.

The season for both, girls and boys, basketball ends soon, which means there are only a few more games left for the 2018-2019 season.  The girls only have three games left at Grafton, which are against Bruton, Tabb, and Smithfield.  Therefore, the boys only have four more games at home, against New Kent, Churchland, Tabb, and Lafayette.