Upperclassmen’s Guide to Midterm Exams

Everyone gets caught up in the stress of test taking.

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Everyone gets caught up in the stress of test taking.

Emma Sreves, Staff 2018-2019

Midterm exams are a foreign subject here at Grafton, but this year it looks like they might actually happen. As this article is being written there is a chance of snow, but weather is unpredictable so don’t get your hopes up. If midterm exams do take place this year you can refer to this article for ways to prepare for the upcoming exams.

First piece of advice for preparing for midterms is to go over old notes, tests, quizzes, anything you have done in the class throughout the year so far. When going through all of these materials look for things you need to review again, or things you need to ask your teacher about because you do not fully understand it.

Second piece of upperclassmen advice would be to actually put effort into the midterm review packet or worksheet that most teachers will give out. Your teachers do not have to make this, so if they give you one be grateful. Don’t just copy down answers or not do it because you don’t understand it. Ask questions and put effort into the work so you can be more prepared for similar questions that will most likely pop up on your exam.

Finally, the last piece of advice would be to get a good night sleep and eat a big breakfast the next morning so you are ready to go for a full day of exams. Also don’t stress yourself out too much about your exams, if you’ve done everything listed above you have probably learned all that you can and are pretty well prepared for your exams. Be confident and crush those exams. Good luck Grafton!