Winter Trips

Elijah Barb, Staff 2018-2019

The winter bites cold and takes many by surprise in Virginia. Many people don’t enjoy the freeze– and some attempt to get away from it, especially during the holiday season. Entire families almost migrate to warmer locations in order to better enjoy their holidays. These trips are for most people, very memorable and enjoyable. So much so, people like to brag.

Upon interviewing people about their winter trips taken, the questions were met with vastly different responses.

Firstly, Tariq Patterson, a junior, had a trip to Honolulu. He said the culture was “American, but tropical”. He enjoyed the trip greatly, and said he hopes to return in the future for another visit.

Another trip to a warmer location was taken by Catalina Lara, a junior. She took a trip to visit her grandfather in Tennessee, where she spent most of her time “just chillin’.” It was apparently warmer than it was in Virginia, and she even met a relative of hers who owns a big meme page. She has some celebrity blood in her veins, obviously.

Now, while there are people who like to take warm trips, there are some people who embrace the cold. So much so, they seek more in order to quench their inhibitions concerning the lack of cold in Virginia compared to other places. A prime example of this is sophomore Nick Boseman, who took a trip to Canada. He visited Ontario, and he said it was very cold. However, he enjoyed the trip nonetheless, extrapolating on how cool it was to be in a foreign nation.

Another example is senior Jot Singh, who took a two hour trip into the cold heart of New York City. He didn’t go into depth on the premise of this visit, but said that while he was in the city he felt it vastly different than his home town.

Each one of these trips taken, while different in their own ways, shows how meaningful these are to some people. Most people interviewed, however, said they took no trips.. But sometimes, life be like that.