Online Classes


Isaac Montieth

Teacher Steven Nichols oversees students in one of many virtual classrooms at GHS.

Maxim Somov, Staff

Isaac Montieth
Nathan Hensley pauses from work outside of the virtual classroom.

Online classes have taken education by storm in the past couple of years. Almost every class taken in person could now be taken on a computer. There are hundreds of categories to choose from, from different levels of Algebra, to different electives such as American Sign Language. Most online classes have their own unique teacher and curriculum, mimicking a real life class.

Unlike traditional classes, online classes allow the student to work at their own pace. Students taking an online class usually get assigned tasks for the entire week, how the students do those tasks is up to them. This brings a lot of freedom to the student taking the class, they could do all their assignments at once, over a period of time, or all on the final day. “Honestly I do my work at my own pace, I like to spread everything out throughout the week so I don’t get overloaded, and just do it efficiently” said Junior John Golden who is taking AP Computer Science.

Just like normal classes, some online classes have midterms too. The midterms are online during the block you have the online class, and cover the materials you learned during semester one. “Midterms are still the same as normal classes, I find them easier though since less people are in the class” said Gabe Murphy who is taking AP Computer Science.

AP classes are probably one of the reasons students take online classes. Many sought after classes such as Chinese, Latin, or Computer Science are only available online. “Online classes often have classes I cant take in school” said Neer Patel taking C++ online.

Online classes are the classrooms of the future, with their accessibility from almost anywhere, broad range of topics, and ease of use, they are here to stay and aren’t going anywhere for the time being. As technology progresses, the way we view education and learning evolves with it. A new era of learning is in the horizon, one dominated by online classes and computers rather then traditional classrooms.