Bird Box Review

Lexi Holmes, Staff

Have you heard everyone talking about the new movie, Bird Box Bird Box was an original movie on Netflix that stars Academy Award Winner, Sandra Bullock.  The movie was directed by Susanne Bier, and it recently got released on December 21, 2018.  When it was released the number of views started to increase rapidly.  Netflix stated that Bird Box has the biggest seven-day viewings out of all of their original movies, with over 45  million views.  Everyone, including teens and adults, knew about the new movie and binge watched it.  The movie was about a woman in the wake of a global warming terror that must find a way to get her and her children down a frightening river to discover a safe area.  Because of deadly forces, the task of the mother and children have to be completed blind-folded.  There were many twists and horrific things that happen to the main characters.

“My favorite part of the movie was when the mom and the two kids found safety at the home for the deaf, so overall I liked it” stated Cadence Abaya.

From the movie there was a new challenge called “The Bird Box Challenge.”  To complete this, you have to be bind-folded and walk around, just like the characters in the movie.  This challenge could be very risky but many people found it fun because they knew how the characters felt surviving deadly tasks.  The challenge went so viral, that some celebrities started to do it.  Some include, Jimmy Fallon, Jake Paul, Ryan Lochte, and Justin Turner.

“I enjoyed watching Bird Box, and my favorite part was when Rom sacrificed himself so that the children and woman could get to the river” said Anna Rexrode.

Unfortunately, the Bird Box movie was only streamed on Netflix, therefore, you cannot see it in the movie theater.  Even though you can only watch it on Netflix, viewers watched it frequently.