New Teachers’ Lounge

Clare Mackrella, Staff

New year, new lounge! On Wednesday, January 2, teachers and staff were welcomed back from winter break to a new and improved teachers’ lounge. Thanks to the Grafton PTSA, staff have a comfy and pleasant place to come hang out and relax in.

Earlier, the PTSA conducted a survey which asked teachers and staff what would best help them, with the most popular answer being a new lounge. Over the break, PTSA board member Kristen Teubert took charge in putting the new lounge together. Using funds from the PTSA’s Kroger account and donations from parents, old appliances such as the microwaves and coffee maker were replaced. Principal Whitney Cataldo stated, “It is very important because we want them to have a place where they can come together to collaborate, to talk, and just get new ideas about new things to do in their classrooms.”

The change was large enough to even be featured on Wavy News 10 Thursday, January 3. The news channel featured guidance counselor, Mr. Efre along with Ms. Cataldo and Ms. Teubert. The article, along with the video that aired on Thursday can be found on the Wavy TV 10 website.

The once boring and unflattering lounge, transformed into a decorated, homey place for teachers and staff to enjoy at work is hoped to bring the Grafton faculty closer together.