Holiday Gifts

Elijah Barb, Staff 2018-2019

Every year since we were children, possibly the most anticipated time of year is the holiday season; mostly for the fact of an annual gift reception. We receive and exchange gifts with meaning or none in order to show appreciation for everything our loved ones have done for us throughout the year. For some people, it is purely about the reception; others, the feeling the exchange gives them. But there is no doubt, that we all in the end, love receiving gifts.

In order to get a scope of the gift exchange that took place among our community this year, I interviewed students asking about their holiday hauls.

Starting with Natilyn Mann, a junior, she said she recieved “accessories for my car, gift cards, a new bracelet, and clothes.” She further elaborated upon these items, saying how she is grateful for the people who purchased them, also stating how helpful the accessories for her car have been.

Justice Gary, also a junior, said the only thing he got was gift cards. He seemed disappointed, but upon further inquiry, he said that he is still thankful for the fact he recieved them, saying how “helpful” they’ve been.

Charlie Dazkowski, a sophomore, said he received clothes. Upon asking about the brand, and he said it was “across the board”.

Colin Hermann, a sophomore as well, received new shoes and candy. The type of candy that he received were holiday Kit-Kats, and the shoes were AF-1’s.

Possibly, however, the most important gift we could have recieved this holiday season was the time we spent with people we love, like, or are indifferent about, and cherishing those moments in time as precious memories we can forever hold on to, even after these people pass from our perceptions and on to different things or planes.