Counseling Corner

Maya Hasenfang, Staff

Have you been accepted?

Please share the news! When you receive a letter of acceptance from a college or a scholarship award letter, please bring the letter to the School Counseling Office and we will make a copy for our records-even if you aren’t going to that college. We will post your name on an ongoing list of, “Look who’s been accepted where!” It is a lot of fun to share this news with your classmates!

Financial Aid

To apply for federal student aid, you need to complete the FAFSA form at Students and parents are required to use an FSA ID, made up of a username and password, to submit their FAFSA form online. Your FSA ID has the same legal status as a written signature. To create a FSA ID visit:

Mid Year Transcripts

If you have applied to a college that is requesting your 1st semester grades you must do the following:

If you applied to a college using Parchment you must login to your account and order a transcript to be sent to each of these colleges. When asked “when do you want this sent?” select, “hold for grades” from the drop down menu.


Each scholarship will be posted on our website according to the month in which it is due. These web pages will be updated as new scholarships continue to reach the school counseling office.

Be sure to check back very regularly, preferably on a weekly basis.

There is money out there! Please be diligent! And remember the small, local, community scholarships have a smaller applicant pool; therefore, making your chances of receiving scholarships more likely.

If you are awarded a scholarship please bring a copy of the award letter to the School Counseling Office as this will be included in the Graduation Program!

College Bound Student Athletes

All high school athletes wishing to compete in Division I or Division II in college must register with the NCAA Initial Eligibility Center at Complete a Grafton HS Transcript Request Form, supply a stamped envelope addressed to the NCAA. This process will ensure that you are legally eligible to be recruited by college coaches.

Honors Program

If you are a senior in the YCSD Honors Program remember that your community service logs are due to the Counseling Office after winter break.