Christmas gifts

Maxim Somov, Staff

It’s that time of year again, the time of giving and receiving. Every year students receive gifts, whether it’s from family members of charity organizations. During this time, students receive the long-dreaded items they have been wanting, as well as give to others.

Even though Christmas hasn’t happened yet, many students still have wish lists and good guesses on what they will receive during this holiday season. Everyone’s wish list varies in different ways, some students like traditional gifts such as a makeup and video games, while other students prefer more school-related gifts such as calculators or laptops.

When asked what students wish for on Christmas, the answers varied drastically, junior Nick Justice said: “I don’t really like Christmas I get school-related stuff, and not anything that’s really fun, I kind of just ask for whatever, maybe a laptop or something?” Nicks opinion and experience with Christmas isn’t alone, other students want to receive gifts that are more beneficial than fun, for example, Junior John Golden, he said: “Even if I ask for a fun Christmas present, I usually end up getting something school related instead.”

Some students do receive what they want for Christmas though, Freshmen Tim Baily says “I asked for a Nintendo switch last year, and I actually got it.” Tim also says he’s extremely grateful for actually getting what he asked for. There are, however, students that receive both what they asked for, and what they didn’t ask for. Student Triston Seaford said, “I asked for a new computer to do homework on, and I did get it, but also got a Google Pixel phone with it.” He said he was both grateful, and a little bit confused on why he got so many presents.

While some students receive Christmas in the form of actual gifts, some just receive money or no presents at all. Junior Tray Laporte said, “I don’t ask for actual presents, I just receive money or something else like that.” Tray explains that Christmas isn’t really about the gift part, its more of a time to spend with friends and family, and money as a Christmas present is more than enough for him.

Because every student has his or her own interests, Christmas present vary greatly, some students receive more educational presents such as laptops and school-oriented items, while other students receive more fun and entertaining items like new phones, or money.