Senior of the Month- December

December 4, 2018

Alex Roper was chosen for Senior of the Month for December.

Alex Roper says his reaction was “pure surprise”, when he was told he was senior of the month for December.

“I definitely wasn’t expecting to be senior of the month when I got called into the office and not because of lack of confidence, but there are just so many great students who I definitely believe worthy of the acknowledgement.  Regardless, I was very thankful”

“High School will always be remembered by, all the students I’ve gotten to know over the years.  Grafton has been what encouraged so much of my growth during my teenage years and it’ll be sad to leave so many important people and activities.”

Alex Roper says his favorite teacher is Mrs. Montini.

“Her view on learning is probably one of the most important things I’ll take away from Grafton.  Realizing the importance of having a growth mindset, or prioritizing life quality in everything that we do from happiness to nutrition to academics rather than money or perfect grades.  There’s so much I’ve learned from her and she has helped shape me to the person I am now.”

Alex says  he is “no pro at balancing activities”.

“Some key tips would be to have a schedule and don’t procrastinate” says Alex.

Alex is on the Track team here at Grafton.  He loves track, his teammates and his coach.

“This year I have the pleasure of being on the track team for the last time.  I love the teammates around me and there’s nothing that brings a group of people together more than pushing past exhaustion on a work out at freezing temperatures.  says Alex.

Although Alex does not think college is a need for success in life to any degree,  he has applied early decision to Duke University.

“If I’m not accepted, I have plans to apply to USouthernCal and UVA” says Alex.

“Whenever my time is up on this earth, I want to be able to say that I had a positive impact on as many people’s lives as possible.  I have aspirations on creating a business based with the goal of making a better world.  But I know I can achieve this goal through thousands of mediums, so whatever God has planned for me, I yield to him.” says Alex



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