Sam’s Declassified Winter Survival Guide

Sam Madrigal, Staff 2018-2019

Now that it is winter and freezing outside, a new survival guide seemed necessary. This is to help anyone this time, not just freshmen. Some of these tricks and tips will make this winter season as comfortable as possible.

Cold is pretty much the worst, warm jackets and pants are a necessity for this weather. However, even if you put on 4 layers you will still be cold outside because it is impossible to be warm outside. The outside is always makes you uncomfortably cold so long periods outside are not an option.

Snow is a somewhat redeemable quality to this otherwise awful season. The snow makes what was previously dead, like trees and plants, pretty again because they are covered by fluffy white snow. It the perfect time to get outside of the house and do things. Snowball fights and sledding are popular activities to do in the snow.

Snow has one downside though. Shoveling out driveways is a pain in the butt mostly because it is difficult to pick it all up. It is manual labor in the freezing cold so its the worst thing about snow.

When asked about her favorite thing about winter, senior Emma Spata said, “My favorite thing is that it is cold enough to drink hot cocoa and wrap myself in warm blankets.” Spata knows how to do winter the right way.

One thing that makes no sense is why people like this cold freezing weather. People like bundling up with a blanket inside near a fire with hot chocolate and a TV show on, but this is all an attempt to be warm. So why struggle to be warm when you can just like the summer and never be too cold? It does not add up.

To survive you are going to need as many layers as possible, at least 2 blankets, the ability to turn up the thermostat, and good TV/music to watch and listen to while you spend the entire season inside of the house. Hopefully the spring will not kill you with allergies or else you will be doing the same thing for that whole season.