Christmas Celebrations

Nathan Hensley, Staff

Christmas is around the corner, and the anticipation that comes with this holiday is climbing. Students get a two week break, on top of a gift-giving holiday. Whether students travel out of town, or stay at home, everyone finds a way to celebrate the holiday, as well as the time off. Not only that, but the break also concludes the year, starting a new one, giving students new goals to achieve before the same time. It gives students an opportunity to have a chance of relaxation before the study time for midterms.

Christmas has been a favorite holiday for years; but how did it start? It was first celebrated in the year 336, on December 25th. The holiday was first celebrated in Rome under the rule of emperor Constantine. Pope Julius I announced the celebration date of Jesus Christ’s birthday as the date December 25th. No one knows exactly when Christ was actually born; and there were arguments as to when his birthday actually was. Despite that, the date stuck.

Christmas is celebrated differently in many countries. Certain countries have traditional food to eat on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. For example, Mexico eats tamales and menudo, and Germany has food such as sausage stuffing and potatoes. The traditions, as far as celebrating with family or in churches, are fairly similar in multiple countries, with little to no difference.

There is a reason as to why Christmas is named what it is. It is a mass service, dedicated to Christ dying for people’s sins. It is a celebration of his life and actions, giving it the famous name: Christmas.

“During Christmas I go on a routine trip up to a resort to go snowboarding,” junior Dillon Snide said. Winter break is the longest break throughout the school year, and many students like Snide take advantage and plan a vacation. It’s a great time for students to take their mind off school and enjoy time off with their family or friends.

“Christmas is where I make the big bucks,” Snide also said. Many students have jobs, and may choose to work more than usual on breaks to earn more money. Whether it’s a job or a gift, students seem to always acquire some great cash, to spend on extra gifts.

There is no wrong way to enjoy Winter Break. Whether it is spending time out with family and friends, or staying warm indoors, everyone has their own way to celebrate the holidays. With the anticipation of the break and holidays, students are beyond excited to get started on enjoying their weeks off.