Black Friday

Maxim Somov, Staff

It’s that time of year again, the season of giving and shopping. The day after Thanksgiving is dubbed Black Friday, a day where many items go on sale and are sold for significantly lower prices than usual. Many students take this sale to their advantage and purchase needed supplies for the school year, and items they have wanted to purchase before the sale.

Many school related items go on sale during this time, most notably the expensive SAT prep books, “Really good price for what it contains, literally only fifteen dollars” junior student Trey Laporte said. The normal price of a SAT prep book ranges from fifteen dollars, to upwards of fifty.

Students also take this time to buy essential school supplies, “Bought some pencils, some paper too, a binder” Junior Triston Seaford said. School supplies are also a great item to buy during Black Friday, some great deals on paper are seen at this time, probably the lowest of the entire year.

Not all students buy school items, however, many buy the items they have waited for the entire year. Junior student John Golden is thrilled to have finally of bought the season 6 Fornite season pass, being on sale for eight dollars compared to its normal ten, “The savings are only two dollars, but that two dollars could go a long way if i save it well.”

On top of Black Friday, there is also an event called Cyber Monday which is the Black Friday of the internet. Sites such as Amazon list their items on sale during that day. The saving on Cyber Monday are on par, or at times better, then the one on Black Friday.

Students also take the Cyber Monday sale to their advantage, student Mathew Jones bought an entire computer during this sale. “It was really cheap for what it was worth, I’m probably going to use it to complete my homework and school work rather than play games” he said.

There are some downsides to Cyber Monday however. With the influx of people buying items, shipping could take longer than usual and items could go out of stock in a matter of hours.

Altogether Black Friday and Cyber Monday are great events for students to buy both school and not school related items. Because of the sales, many students finally have the ability to buy their sought after items they have been wanting for a long time.