Swim Team Tryouts

Sam Madrigal, Staff 2018-2019

Tryouts for Grafton’s swim team started on the 5th of November. Students did not know what to expect because this was the first day with the coaches, who are new to GHS this year.

The coaches started the tryouts off with an intense practice and prompted many to be nervous for the year to come. Senior Scott Dodsworth said, “I want to quit this is stupid hard.” Dodsworth’s comment came as a shock to the seniors on the team as he had been on the team since his freshman year. Despite his comment he made the team.

Other seniors thought the coaches had intense practices the first week. Senior Carrie Frecker believes that the coaches’ dry land workouts were the most challenging. Frecker said, “I think because of the harder workouts the team is going to be a lot better this year.” The coaches care a lot about showing up to practice and trying at practice because they want to have a good team.

Some of the underclassmen got scared away by the practices but the ones that stayed are excellent swimmers. Sophomore Ben Beaver said, “I enjoy the challenged by these new coaches. Them pushing the team is going to help us improve a lot this year.” There are more underclassmen on the team than upperclassmen. So, when the few seniors there are leave next year these underclassmen will carry on the teams legacy.

At the end of the week the Friday practice was more relaxed than the ones during the week because the team played a game of water polo. There were few cuts made so most of the swimmers who tried out made the team. The freshman class has some of the teams fastest swimmers so hopefully the team will do good this year and into the future.