November One Act Coverage

Elijah Barb, Staff 2018-2019

Every winter, Grafton’s drama department has an event known as “One Act Plays”, in which 2 short plays are preformed, back to back (often for juxtaposition), and consisting of only one act, giving the illusion of more story past the actual end, allowing ones mind to wander on the possibilities of what could have happened.

This year, Crazy 8’s and Cut are being performed; Crazy 8’s being the budding love story between a parolee and her parole office, with Henry Engelmeyer, Anthony Alessio, Naima Fowler, and Sophia Grant playing Benny, Cliff, Connie, and Mrs. Dugan respectively; Cut being a satire on theatre in general, with parts A-H(go see for yourself to find out who plays these!), and Jackson Bowden, Sophia Grant, Joseph Bul, Darby McCarty, Nele Richardson, Hannah Parson, and Alex Mitchell playing Jack, Jennifer, Nick, Shannon, Techie, The Director, and The Voice respectively.

Of course, these one acts would not have even come to fruition without the help of the crew and the honorable Ms. Cindy Kreicar and terrifying Mrs. Charity Ayres. Eric Walker, new to the scene of stage manager, helped manage the cast and crew tremendously as well. But of course, the individual crews, with Savnnah Billot and Elexus Kennon running costumes, Carissa Lanstra and Macey Stockdill running props, Henry Engelmeyer running lights, Bri Johnson running sound, Alex Ayres running electrics, Alex Haxens running props, and Katherine Willhelm running publicity, helped majorly as well.

The first play performed was “Cut“, with Dean Kekoa-Dearheart and Katie Miles on stage. They seem to be performing a love story, and are going good until someone misses their cue. Then, from the audience, Ashleigh Showalter yells “CUT!”; giving the play its name. This is yelled 6 other times throughout the rest of the performance. The story itself just slowly devolves and breaks down the 4th wall until even the actors can’t tell if they are in a play or not. This is shown when their ACTUAL director, played by Hannah Parsons, comes in with a tragedy. She says her husband left her for another woman, and is going to Florida. She addresses the location, saying shes in New York, and then tells the cast she is going to quit directing and return to her home. They do not realize this is real, however, driving her crazy and pushing her over a breaking point. She runs out, and then the actors are left wondering what exactly it is they are supposed to do. From this point, they just funnel out slowly in different ways, speaking different monologues and such on the way.

The second play performed was “Crazy 8’s”, with Henry Engelmeyer playing Benny, sleeping and Naima Fowler, playing Connie, just walking into her apartment. From this point on, Connie is simply concerned with why and how her parole officer broke into her house with a ton of ingredients and made her a torte. They talk for a little, exchanging some tongue in cheek remarks, until Connie’s friend Cliff comes over yelling for her to throw down a key. Benny, liking Connie, does not like this situation. He attempts to stay, even growl at Cliff to back off his woman. Eventually, to get more time, Benny says he needs a pee drug test from Connie. However, after taking the test, Benny reveals he is no longer her parole officer anyway and that it was fake. Connie gets angry as all hellfire, and kicks him out. However, Cliff vouches for him and is like “call him”.

The one acts this year were beautifully performed and produced; the Drama Department outdid themselves.